Grow Green Pty Ltd has been developing biologically-based fertilisers for the Australian market for over 25 years.

Our technology produces a range of liquid and solid fertilisers that deliver plant nutrients while promoting soil health (structure and microbiology). They also deliver a more sustainable outcome to the grower and the environment. 

In early 2014 an opportunity arose for a joint venture with Casella Management, to manufacture and distribute our newly established fertiliser range.

CCF was established by Casella Management and Grow Green as a joint venture.

CCF facilitates the joint development of a fertiliser range that leverages Casella’s access to composted green waste by-products with Grow Green’s microbial digester technology and access to rock phosphate and zeolite.

CCF's products offer a new approach to fertilisers by delivering N, P, K, S, micronutrients, microbiological activators and significant organic matter.