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Soil Carbon - The Solution That Offers Immediate Impact On Global Warming

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The Solution That Offers Immediate Impact On Global Warming

THE PROBLEM: An increase in carbon dioxide levels in the air, contributing to global warming.

THE SIMPLE SOLUTION: Put the carbon back in the earth where it belongs. Degraded soils can store up to 5 times more organic carbon in their surface layers than they currently hold if the soil management approach changes. Through the application of these types of management methods, Soil Carbon Australia can make an impact on global warming.

THE NATURAL SOLUTION: Carbon is naturally sequested in topsoil via biological processes surrounding actively growing roots of pasture grasses and cereals. Encouraging these processes is cheap, efficient, and ecologically beneficial.

THE ACHIEVABLE SOLUTION: Soil carbon levels can be increased by adopting forms of carbon farming, including time-controlled grazing management, pasture cropping and biologically beneficial farming practices.

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Soil Carbon (Australia) Submission to Garnaut Review, January 2008
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